Our Leadership

We view a leader as someone whose life is established within the community as a servant to help us see Jesus more clearly and love like He loves. Truly and without question, our leaders have laid down their lives to our community. There’s no “transferring” to another congregation; it’s an entire life given over, just like Jesus, to serve the family of God.

Our leadership team are those who have shown themselves as servants with this in mind. We don’t view this role as having to do with hierarchy or some established organizational structure; we see this as God’s family serving together. Someone sets the table, someone cooks the meal, someone cleans the plates, and someone prays for those gathered around the table. Everyone has their place of service, and there are those who serve as leaders and pastors.

Jordan Bajis

Sr. Pastor

Jordan, with the assistance of his wife Geralyn, serves as the senior pastor of Trinity Fellowship, and has done so since 1988. Together he and Geralyn have three adult children and two grandchildren.

Leadership Community

Mike & Meredith Crosland
Ethan & Danika Labadie
Cole & Amanda Gustafson