Mike and Meredith Crosland

Mike and Meredith have had the honor of raising their sons Caleb and Elijah, and their daughter Vedika in Fort Collins for the last 21 years. 

Mike was originally from California, and it was there he fell in love with the Lord at the age of 15.  Since then he has had a deep and abiding passion for Him and His Word. He graduated from Biola with a bachelor’s in Christian Education, and spent numerous years leading junior high, high school and college groups in the church he attended. He is a teacher at heart, and for years was a substitute teacher while his Christian rock band tried to break into the big time. (He is no longer pursuing a career in Christian rock.)

He met Meredith at church, where she also was involved in leadership with junior high, high school and college students. She has always enjoyed discipling younger women in the faith.

(Also, side note here: Mike and Meredith had a pig as their ring bearer at their wedding, and Meredith considers herself a “pig whisperer.” Her words…)

Mike and Meredith moved to Colorado in 2002 in order to become members of Trinity Fellowship. They heard the call of the Lord to love him with all their heart, and to live this love out in an intentional way with other members of the Body of Christ. Trinity Fellowship was the first place they ever saw that commitment lived out to such a high degree.

They see that John 15:13, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down their lives for his friends,” has been the true experience of their lives since being here. First from their relationship with the Lord, and secondly from their church family. They have experienced such deep love, such deep grace, such intentional pastoring, and such supernatural transformation in their lives because of the Lord and His people that they want to share this with others. It is for this reason that they are committed to give their lives to learn how to be servant leaders at Trinity Fellowship. 

They have been touched deeply by the Love that heals and makes us whole, and want to give their lives so that others are also able to experience that type of love. They believe that in order to “be” church it is imperative for all the members to take places of responsibility, so it is their heartfelt longing to teach and model to others how to have a deep, transformative love relationship with the Lord and with one another, that displays the covenant love of the Lord.