Ethan and Danika Labadie

Ethan and Danika met in 2010, while pursuing the Lord here at Trinity fellowship. They were married in 2013, and have three beautiful children. 

Over the past 13 years at Trinity Fellowship they have experienced the love, pastoring and Fathering of God in a profound way through His family, the Church. As they have become convinced that this is to be the normal experience of all believers they have answered the call to lay down their lives in service to the Lord and His people in this body. 

The Labadies have a particular desire to follow the Lord by showing how a lifestyle of devotion to God and His people is accessible in all seasons of life. It is their great honor to join Jesus in building His church, by helping to create a culture of love, honor, and peace conducive to the presence of the Holy Spirit, who transforms all things, and by following the Chief Disciple-maker in discipling others into a uniquely Christian lifestyle.