Cole and Amanda Gustafson

Cole and Amanda were both born and raised in Fort Collins and raised in the Church. They met here in Trinity Fellowship in 2013 and married in 2015. Now they get to enjoy the beautiful stewardship of raising two daughters. 

The Lord’s faithfulness has been at work in both of their lives and His fierce guardianship of their hearts throughout life has led them to commit their lives to the building of His Church at Trinity Fellowship. It is in this place that they have witnessed the commitment of a people to cultivate a life laid down for the building up of His Body and to create a culture of genuine Christianity. 

They believe serving as leaders is a humbling journey, and to honor this call means pursuing Him faithfully and pouring out His abundance on all those they encounter. 

To extend to others the transformative grace of God is a privilege and a joy. To love as He loves is their greatest aim and their heart’s desire is to glorify Him in all things.