Who Would Be Most at Home in Trinity Fellowship?

Those who are frustrated about the quality and depth of their Christian life and their “on and off” devotion to Christ.

Those who have given up on the traditional Church and what they consider to be its institutionalization and superficiality.

Those who earnestly desire to both experience and know God in a much deeper way. 

Those who long to be supported and encouraged to actually live what they believe.

Those who are more attentive to the state of their Christian life than they…

…care what others think .

…consider the amount of applause they get from others.

…seek a certain standard of living that guarantees their personal comfort.

…desire to “fit in” with what the majority thinks, or does.

think, or care about anything else.

Those who sincerely want to be called on to a greater surrender to God, and to live a way of life that increases their Communion with God and others.

Those who earnestly want to know the Word and will of God, and who hunger to receive His teaching with an open and teachable spirit.

Those who truly wish to be an authentic disciple of Christ whose transformed by His Spirit, and thus be enabled to help others embrace His love and likeness.