Aspects of Our Life

Catechumenate (Those Taught)

The Church of the four centuries took time to mentor those who desired to live for Christ. That special time of training was called the “catechumenate” (those dedicated to “hear” the Word of God). Some congregations today are seeking to restore this pastoral practice as it has the potential to truly help, heal, and provide the wisdom needed to grow up as mature Christians. Trinity Fellowship is a congregation that has chosen to restore this ancient, yet relevant, method of personal care and training.

Year of Discipleship

We do not expect people who may be interested in our community to immediately jump in and become a member. We understand that our vision takes a while to soak in and that one will want to get a chance to experience a taste of community before sitting down to a full course meal of fellowship. And, candidly, we also understand that a number of people may simply not be called to live out the Christian life the way we have been called to live it out. That is fine and good. 

But no matter the ultimate course you choose regarding church, you may nonetheless find A Year of Discipleship be of great spiritual benefit. Trinity Fellowship hosts this program to any or all, and has nothing directly to do with being a part of our community.

The Vision and Purpose of A Year of Discipleship

Today many Christians lack the depth and confidence that comes from a strong and deep relationship with God. This lack of maturity spills over into shallowness and confusion in other areas, such as how to develop and maintain meaningful relationships and how to live life from the vantage point of Divine purpose. Going to church, listening to sermons, and even joining the typical Bible study or small group does not fill the void. 

People need the personal care and relational mentoring that better reflects the relationship Jesus had with His disciples. This requires one on one relationships with a mentor, together with a focused network of relationships with other disciples that have resolved to live the supernatural life Christ came give. 

The foremost need for the one who wants to move out of powerless Christianity, is the desire and resolve to move forward, and to enter into relationships with mature disciples who are ready to invest their lives into others. That is the vision, and purpose of A Year of Discipleship.

How much does the Year of Discipleship cost?  

There is no financial cost. All expenses are subsidized by Trinity Fellowship. On this fact, please note that there is neither obligation, nor expectation that this Year of Discipleship requires, or expects anyone to become a Trinity Fellowship (becoming a member of Trinity Fellowship has other specific requirements not included in the Year of Discipleship). 

 Anyone who is a member of any Christian church is welcome, and each person’s membership in their respective Christian congregation is respected, whether it be Protestant, Roman Catholic, or Orthodox.        

What are some of the things explored and experienced in the Year of Discipleship? 

The expanse of the training is rich and varied. Note all teaching is based on the Bible, and reflects fundamental Christian beliefs rooted in the historic Christian Church. 

  • What does it mean to be a true disciple of Christ?
  • Entering into one’s Divine Purpose
  • How to experience God in Prayer
  • What it means to receive and give God’s supernatural love
  • What does it mean to be a mature person, and how does one get there?
  • How to live in the Presence of God
  • How to not only read Scripture, but how to have the truth of the Bible live inside you.
  • How can I minister the gifts of the Spirit to others.
  • How to have meaningful, loving relationships with others

If you would like to know more about A Year of Discipleship, please feel free to fill out the contact form below and let us know your interest. We will get back to you a soon as possible via email, phone or text, whichever way you find easiest. 

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