This Is What God Has Made Us To Be

This is a selection from Pastor Jordan’s sermon given in September of 2022. Our community had spent the previous year and a half walking through a significant level of repentance and reevaluation of what it meant for our families to be together as a community. It was basically, “Let’s look like Jesus or close our doors.”

From that year of everyone taking real time and energy into coming to a place of confidence in themselves and humility with each other, a new life came into our community. People began taking their place in leadership, brothers and sisters were healed (real physical healings) in our services. We began to serve each other and those around us at a higher degree. Families found stability in raising their children. And everyone came to a deeper understanding of what it meant to be called as disciples by Jesus into His Church. We were ready to be pastored by Jesus…

Jordan took some time in his series on evangelism and outreach with the following encouragement:

God has made us a people who truly want Him. This desire and focus grows each week. These desires I see are enabling us to live in His Faithfulness.

  • A desire to be faithful to Him
  • A desire to be obedient from the heart, surrendered to Him and His ways.
  • A desire to build our lives on a greater certainty of His unwavering love, and strength. 

We want to truly serve Him, grow in a deeper and more mature love for Him, and to live from His love. 

Our hearts have been opened by His Spirit, and we are continually growing in an excitement to repent – repenting closer to Him. So God has created within us a desire and greater resolve to say a deeper “yes” to whatever He wishes. This includes a more genuine, and stronger love for one another, and others. 

God has shared Himself with us in generous ways, and we are finding that this Spirit is making us more generous with our resources, gifts and time. He IS changing us more into His image – leaving behind passivity, and actively seeking to know Him more that we might walk closer to Him.

This is reflected in our sharing, service, prayer for one another, the greater depth of our praise and worship (for Him, not ourselves). Praise is becoming more and more and expression of our genuine thanks. And our worship is a reflection of our deep desire to offer more and more of our lives – all aspects -to Him. 

This is as it should be.
This is what God has made us to be.
It is a fruit of our deepening Communion with Him and one another.

A greater Spirit-led expectation, and anticipation for God’s unfolding will is being experienced among us. And God is working in our Vines (our member’s small groups), the Core Leadership Community and in our families, and how we live day-to-day. This is the fruit of our learning that our true purpose and identity is found in our being led by the Holy Spirit to imitate our Master, Savior and Pastor, Jesus Christ. 

Glory to God, we are growing in hunger, teachability, vulnerability, honesty, humility and the confidence that we are much loved by God. Because of this, boldness and confidence are growing inside of us, a fruit of choosing the King and Kingdom before all else. 

We declare from our faith in God that He shall draw us closer to Himself, His heart and will, and this is indeed what He is doing. Not because of any inherent goodness in ourselves, but because of God’s inherent Goodness which is pure, deep, and forever constant.

As a result we discover a greater compassion for others growing in our heart. We are now seeing a compassion that is leading us to engage with others in a way that seek to bless them through an ongoing revelation of the Love we are receiving. We are beginning to ask Him for the honor to represent Him to others, and to seek opportunities to give away what He has freely given to us. We want others to be powerfully healed, and ignited by God’s love. We want to see our these brothers and sisters around us transformed by empowering them with a heart to be discipled by Jesus through His Church. This means you and I, together, under Him, serving others with the Presence and ministry we have received in His Body, as His Body.

(This is a prophetic word given by Jordan)

The Lord wants to encourage us:

 “Do you see what I have done, and am doing in your lives? It is my doing, and it is marvelous and wonderful to Me, because I so desire to share with you all that I am, and to live as I live. I am building you up as My Temple, because you have called out to Me to do this very thing. You have called My Son your Lord, Master, and Pastor, and so He is showing Himself faithful to you, that you may show My Faithfulness to others.

Keep asking Me to help you, assist you, teach you, change you to look like My Son, and I will keep answering those prayers, and honor each declaration you make about Me. Your hearts are growing to welcome others, and you are seeking how you can do this more in your manner of life together. 

Keep seeking; you will keep finding. As true as I am the Great I Am, I promise You from all that this means, you will continue to discover that I Am your God, and you are My People – in these moments, and each day as you look to me, as your Father, and God.”

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